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Increase Penis Girth And Kegels Exercise

April 8, 2010

Increase penis girth and how important are Kegels exercises for it. All men want to be seen as real men and great lovers. There is plenty of scientific proof that men with longer and bigger penises are the ones who can satisfy a woman more. This is why every single men out there wants to have a big and nice penis. It is something very important to all men, we just feel very insecure if we think that our penis is smaller than of other men.

Penis is the bigger reason why we are men and everything that follows. Just like women have a lot of inferiority problems with their beauty and looks, men have inferiority problems with penis size. To increase penis girth you have to follow special kind of exercises. But before you do any of the more specific increase penis girth exercises, you should do Kegels exercises.

It’s a very simple exercise that will make your erection harder, last longer and also you will be able to control premature ejaculation easier. This will also help you to increase penis girth as well.

There has been a survey among women, and 90% of them prefer a bigger circumference against length of the penis. So to increase penis girth is more important than doing exercises for length.

The main idea of Kegels exercise is to train your muscle, with which you control your bladder and ejaculation to become stronger. You will gain more control with stronger muscles, for that you have to train. You won’t have to go to gym, but you’ll still have to exercise.

Fortunately, here is a very simple method of Kegels exercise. Whenever you urinate, and already start urinating, stop it with your muscles. In the beginning it’s going to be hard, maybe even painful, you won’t have much control, but eventually the muscles should get stronger. Do this 2-3 times when you urinate. Release and tighten, release, tighten, release, tighten… just like working out your biceps.

Now you can also do the same Kegels exercise when you’re siting at the office, in the cinema, whenever you can concentrate enough to do it. But it is far easier to remember to do it when you urinate and also, the exercises will have more impact, since you have to urinate and there will be more pressure.

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